Design Inspiration | A Victorian Modern Kitchen

I am loving this re-vamp of a Portland Victorian kitchen. Designer Jessica Helgerson took on the task of overhauling the work of a previous remodel completed circa 1970/80, which left the kitchen a dark, cramped space. By re-opening the room to let in natural light and restoring finishes and cabinetry to fit the original era of the home, Helgerson has made this kitchen into the focal point and primary social hub for the busy family who lives here.

Especially lovely points of interest for me are the concealed refrigerator, that mint green scale, the canary yellow sofa, and those lovely light fixtures. Well done indeed!

Design Inspiration | A Turn of the Century Flat

For as much of a woe as it is to see beautiful architecture fall to the wrecking ball or suffer a gut renovation, it is equally joyous to see it preserved and adapted into the present era. There is no modern replacement for vintage ornamentation such as crown molding and ceiling medallions. Certainly no replacement for original hardwood flooring. These elements add both monetary and aesthetic value to a home more so than a granite counter top or a stainless steel appliance ever could.

The six-story apartment building at Upper Husargatan 23 in Linnéstaden was built in 1899 by Swedish architects R. Hansson and KA Löfmark. The home still contains many of its original features, but did undergo a kitchen renovation in 2012. It is a beautiful example of layering eras to create a home that is fresh, elegant, and completely unique.

This story originally ran on Stadshem.