A Mid-Century Eclectic Seattle Abode

I had a completely different post in mind for today, but then I saw this Victorian show-stopper on the Design Sponge Instagram feed, and just had to do some gushing. Childhood memories have given me a soft spot for cedar shingles, so it was love at first sight with this Seattle abode. Michele and Ryan Tansey own the fabulous vintage furniture shop Homestead Seattle and have parlayed their great taste in all things interior design into their first home (and Airbnb!). I love their prolific and diverse collection of vintage wall art and furniture pieces and their no-fear approach to deep green wall paint. The pair have deftly employed function and style into every nook and cranny of their home. I am so ready to book my trip to The Emerald City!

This story originally ran on Design Sponge.
Interior Design: Homestead Seattle
Photography: Ryan Tansey

A Tuscan Farmhouse in Malibu

I love the out-of-the-ordinary cool taking place over at interior designer Vanessa Alexander's renovated Malibu farmhouse. The home underwent a dramatic renovation in order to bring in more light and greenery from the outside. The wood floors are downright amazing and work well across the varied furniture and fixture styles mixed and remixed throughout the home. Overall, Vanessa expertly rides the line between modern and Bohemian rustic, mixing new and vintage pieces to breathe color and soul into crisp white spaces.

This story originally ran on Domaine.
Interior Design: Vanessa Alexander
Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Ostermalm Apartment

This apartment renovation in the Ostermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden is a great example of blending vintage architectural features with modern updates. I love the curved wall in the living room and the original millwork, herringbone flooring, and iron fireplace. The kitchen has been renovated to perfection with a gorgeous brass chandelier and crisp white wall tiles. We love the poured concrete floors and Carrara marble countertops. Leather pulls have become a popular hardware alternative lately, and they pair beautifully with the grey cabinetry and oak dining set.

This story originally ran on Per Jansson.

An Eclectic LA Residence

I am loving everything about the latest project from Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Using predominately blank white walls as her canvas, she has created the perfect balance of colorful patterns with neutral solids. This home exemplifies edgy boho chic. I love the combination of vintage concert posters and wood block prints, skulls, and sculptures as well as the mix of wood and upholstered furniture. As Amber so cleverly pointed out, keeping the wall palette simple and focusing the pops of color on the rugs, pillows, and throws is the perfect way to make your pieces last you through multiple moves. When wall treatments are employed, it is pure perfection. Case in point: that black tribal print bathroom wallpaper popping against bright white cabinets and marble and nickel finishes. Swoon!

This story originally ran on Domaine.
Interior Design: Amber Interiors
Photography: Tessa Neustadt

A Vintage San Francisco Apartment Renovation

If glamour is your thing, then you are going to love this 1920s apartment in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Funky pendant lighting and high-gloss finishes abound in a full-floor residence overlooking the Bay Area. I am in love with the restored millwork and dramatic black-and-white contrasting color palette. The completed space is a work of art layered in works of art.

This story originally ran on luxe.
Interior Design: Nicole Hollis
Architect: Brooks Walker
Photography: Laure Joliet

A Rustic Scandinavian-Style Farmhouse

Matt and Lentil Purbrick of Grown and Gathered have re-built a once crumbling farmhouse cottage in Tabilk, central Victoria into crisp, clean perfection. Best of all, they did it with their own two hands and the aid of skilled friends and family. I love that everything in their home, from the décor to the building materials, was obtained through re-use, salvage, DIY, and trade. This home exemplifies the possibilities achievable through creative resourcing and hard work. No cookie-cutter designs or from-a-kit short-cuts here! And we love it that way.

This story originally ran on The Design Files.
Styling: Stefanie Stamatis
Photography: Eve Wilson

Design Inspiration | A Mid-Century Eclectic Home

Designed by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors, this bright, airy home is filled with a mix of Mid-Century furniture and Moroccan flare, giving off an overall Eclectic style. The crisp white walls and honey brown hardwood floors compliment the blues, greens, and corals popping up from the pillows and rugs. If you're looking for inspiration to turn your blank canvas into a vibrant, inviting abode, your search is over!

This story originally ran on Lark & Linen.
Interior Design: Amber Interiors
Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Design Inspiration | A Vintage Farmhouse in South Gippsland

Tamsin Carvan's warm and weathered farmhouse abode is everything I am about. It's broken-in vibe aches with the familiarity of all the goodness and simplicity of childhood summers gone by. Although the images presented set an orderly and idealic scene, one can easily envision the delightful chaos of canning harvested tomatoes from the garden or chasing chickens in the yard.

Blending in a few modern updates only adds to the appeal of this home.

This story originally ran on The Design Files.
Production: Lucy Feagins
Photography: Eve Wilson

Design Inspiration | Church Turned Private Residence

Never have I ever had such a case of flooring envy as when I first spied this gorgeous church-to-home renovation. From the ceiling beams to the light fixtures to the arched doorways, this home in rural New South Wales is utter perfection. While a few alterations were needed in order to convert the church into a private residence, many of the original features were kept intact such as the church bell, various signage, and the exterior chalkboard that announced mass. The need for a kitchen was executed marvelously and successfully compliments the home's original architectural details. I even love the unexpectedness of the hidden bathtub -- how delightfully unconventional!

This story originally ran on The Design Files.
Photography: Sean Fennessey

Design Inspiration | A Mid-Century Country Kitchen

When I spotted Mandi Johnson's gorgeous and no doubt laborious kitchen makeover, I found so much to love. Not only did she successfully convert a dark and dated kitchen into a bright and welcoming space, but she did so while still re-using many of the original components. From her built-in oven and stove top to her adorable mug collection and clever utensil rack, we are in eye-candy heaven. This amazingly talented woman even cut her own countertops!

I am only showing the after photos on my site, but you should check out her article to get the full effect. She also offers many helpful DIY tips for those of you looking to complete you own kitchen makeover.

This story originally ran on A Beautiful Mess.
Design and Photography: Mandi Johnson

Design Inspiration | A Victorian Modern Kitchen

I am loving this re-vamp of a Portland Victorian kitchen. Designer Jessica Helgerson took on the task of overhauling the work of a previous remodel completed circa 1970/80, which left the kitchen a dark, cramped space. By re-opening the room to let in natural light and restoring finishes and cabinetry to fit the original era of the home, Helgerson has made this kitchen into the focal point and primary social hub for the busy family who lives here.

Especially lovely points of interest for me are the concealed refrigerator, that mint green scale, the canary yellow sofa, and those lovely light fixtures. Well done indeed!

Design Inspiration | Seaside in Svanesund

This sweet, serene cottage in the tiny Swedish locality of Svanesund is everything one could want if they were looking for vintage seaside living. Built it 1914, certain architectural details have remained charmingly preserved, specifically the original wood burning stove in the kitchen. What I wouldn't give to enjoy an evening cup of tea boiled from that rustic beauty.

This home has me dreaming of summer days spent picking from fruit trees and sailing in the bay.

This story originally ran on Stadshem.
Photography: Janne Olander

Design Inspiration | A Studio in Laren

There is so much to love about this home in North Holland. Built in 1913 as an artist's studio, the interiors have no shortage of natural light, which pairs well with the contrasting white walls and the dark wood flooring. The decor is anything but boring and seems to consist of both functional and decorative one-of-a-kind paintings and ceramic pieces. Interiors aside, the thatched roof paired with leafy greenery and a Dutch door is just so endearing!

This story originally ran on vtwonen.
Styling: French Uyterlinde
Photography: James Stokes

Design Inspiration | A House in Brisbane

The home of photographer Kara Rosenlund defines a well-traveled-chic design style. The color palette is neutral and the decor is comprised of vintage pieces, rich textures, and the artist's own work. The focus and restraint deployed in styling this home is evident in the cohesion of each and every detail. Not one piece seems arbitrary or out of place. All that is missing is a chocolate Labrador Retriever curled up on the floor or perched on the arm of a couch.

This story originally ran on Architectural Digest.
Photography: Kara Rosenlund

Design Inspiration | A Melbourne Cottage

Every square inch of this small cottage in Fitzroy North is packed with vintage charm and inspiring architectural details. The use of exposed beams in the ceiling offers the perfect contrast to the simple kitchen and eating area and flows nicely with the egress to the backyard. The vintage posters hanging on the walls fit with the tone and style of the home offer a glimpse into the personality of the people who live there.  

This story originally ran on The Design Files.
Photography: Sean Fennessy
Production: Lucy Feagins/The Design Files

Design Inspiration | Walsh Street House

The Australian mid-century marvel that is Walsh Street House was designed by architect Robin Boyd in 1957. The home is divided into two buildings - a main house and a children's pavilion. Between the two buildings is a courtyard enclosed by a wall of dimpled glass window panes and sheltered by numerous tall, leafy trees.

Vibrant colors are in abundance throughout this home, from the artwork to the upholstery to the carpeting. It isn't often that I find myself coveting crimson carpeting, but how can I resist when I see it paired so perfectly with a black brick wall, gold-trimmed chimney piping, and floor-to ceiling windows? Walsh Street House offers a little inspiration for every design appetite, so enjoy!

This story originally ran on Plastolux.
Architecture: Robin Boyd
Production: Lucy Feagins/The Design Files
Photography: Eve Wilson

Design Inspiration | A Stockholm Apartment

This apartment in Gröndalsvägen, Sweden exemplifies how a few really great pieces can do a lot to carry a space. Whether you're a person who dislikes the task of painting, or if you live in a place where there are restrictions on painting, this apartment can offer some inspiration on how to add color and personality against a simple white canvas.

The kitchen is a particularly simple space. The counter tops are finished in a simple and oh-so-chic stainless steel and are offset with a slate back-splash. This is the epitome of neutral and would offer so many inexpensive opportunities for tenants or homeowners to add their own personal touches by way of kitchen accessories.

The bedrooms each have their own theme by way of wallpaper prints, and the furniture becomes more sparse and simple, which creates a balance that doesn't overwhelm the space.

Photos from Fantastic Frank.

Design Inspiration | A Prospect Park Victorian

There is so much to love about this Victorian beauty located in Brooklyn, New York. From the architectural woodwork to the owners’ own furnishings, the home is a feast for the eyes. I am brimming with envy over the flooring pattern that carries throughout the entire home. And that kitchen! The ornate wood details are perfectly paired with a simple color palate and clean lines to create a sense of balance and sophistication. Très magnifique!

This story originally ran on Milk Decoration.
Photography: Andrea Chu


Design Inspiration | Garage Turned Studio Apartment

Originally a Merchant Builder garage, this small studio quarters has been thoughtfully designed such that every space is accounted for: dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The original brick walls and beams were preserved and gave a good baseline to design from. The majority of the windows and doors were either salvaged or sourced second hand, as well as the bathroom fixtures, counter tops, lighting, and sinks. The end result is a living space packed with delightful features, plenty of storage and work space, and lovely views. The kitchen and bath area are especially covetable. Who doesn't love a clawfoot bathtub?

Interior Architecture: Hearth Studio
Photography: Lauren Bamford