Design Inspiration | A Stockholm Apartment

This apartment in Gröndalsvägen, Sweden exemplifies how a few really great pieces can do a lot to carry a space. Whether you're a person who dislikes the task of painting, or if you live in a place where there are restrictions on painting, this apartment can offer some inspiration on how to add color and personality against a simple white canvas.

The kitchen is a particularly simple space. The counter tops are finished in a simple and oh-so-chic stainless steel and are offset with a slate back-splash. This is the epitome of neutral and would offer so many inexpensive opportunities for tenants or homeowners to add their own personal touches by way of kitchen accessories.

The bedrooms each have their own theme by way of wallpaper prints, and the furniture becomes more sparse and simple, which creates a balance that doesn't overwhelm the space.

Photos from Fantastic Frank.