Design Inspiration | A Proper Accent Wall

Something that sounds like a good idea, but usually doesn't live up to the hype is an accent wall. Accent walls will often present themselves as options to apartment dwellers who either can’t paint, or don’t want to spend a lot of money on paint. They will also offer their services to people looking to implement “just a splash” of color into a space. Usually that color is dark mauve, and dark mauve is usually a mistake. Ergo, it is on the subject of accent walls that I present to you an example of two really good accent walls - two really good accent walls that aren't boring and virtually anyone is capable of recreating.

Consider the color used in this accent wall: black. No one sees black coming, but it is just such an obviously awesome choice if you're going for that "splash of color" statement. It's chic, it's sophisticated, and it goes with everything.

This accent wall works because it is paired with lighter colors and is used in a space that gets ample natural light. The wall also extends further than your typical one-wall accent. It's more of an accent group, and cleverly incorporated into that group is brick, which offers an unexpected change in texture.

Our next accent wall gives a perfect solution to the apartment dweller who can't paint because this accent wall is actually an accent panel.

Granted, if you're an apartment dweller, you should probably prop these panels against the floor rather than hang them, but either way, you can still layer the panels with pictures and then pack everything up with you when you leave.

So there you have it. Two accent walls that aren't terrible or predictable. Now decorate on!

Architecture: Amber Road
Styling: Amanda Mahoney
Photography: Prue Ruscoe