Design Inspiration | Ross and Lindsay's Home Renovation

Location: Normal Heights | San Diego, CA
Size: 2 bed & 1 bath | 780 SF
Year Built: 1972

Ross and his wife Lindsay have only been in their condo for a few short months, but in that time, they have gotten busy making some seriously awesome changes.

A real estate agent by trade, Ross is always around people selling their furniture. Some of the coolest pieces in their home have come from moving sales and estate sales, including their vintage ottoman made by Allen Industries in Detroit, MI.

Aside from the flooring installation, Ross seized the opportunity to tackle most of the renovation work himself, which involved blasting away at the existing popcorn ceiling and giving the original kitchen cabinetry a revamp. He attributes much of his handiness to YouTube videos and plan old common sense. “Seriously, everything you want to learn is filmed 17 times with step-by-step tutorials. Don't let the "daunting-ness" of it deter you -- almost everything can be figured out with common sense (except electrical...not somewhere you want to experiment with trial & error).”

I am certainly impressed with this dramatic transformation and have included a few before and after photos below. Enjoy!

living room/entry before

living room/entry after
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living room before

living room after
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bookshelf before

bookshelf after
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kitchen before

kitchen after
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kitchen before

kitchen after
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